Monday, February 4, 2013

Designers Turban, Scarf, Inner and Shawl.

Weee!!! what a great day shopping on hijab style and fashion. Today I want to share with you my new catches from Raffiey Nasir's Boutique, a well-known designers in Malaysia and Singapore. You can view his page here. So many design of scarf, shawl and even turban. You can see at my prevoius post about his turban. So easy to wear it and applicable. Here are some of the design i have bought on the 50% Sale Day in his new boutique in Damansara Perdana. You also can visit his blog. he is such a friendly and nice person. Kan Raffiey. Hehe. 

 I bought 2 pieces Zamrud Turban, 2 pieces Rafilio scarf and 1 piece Royalscarf.

 The designer, Raffiey Nasir.

Oppsss, this one i bought in KLCC, Arzu boutique. Tak ada kena mengena dengan Raffiey;s design..hehe..Also one of my favourite shop here..
Nahh, i dah bagi you all which the best to shop for hijabers. ok tak?? please comment or anything else juat tanya or roger je I k..

Farhana Shafiee